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The only solution for flameless tendon shearing

The PocketSHEAR® is a patented, cold shear, that slips over the strand at the end of the pocket and slides into the pocket up to the anchor. It is then hydraulically actuated to cold-shear the strand approximately 1" from the face of the anchor.

The PocketSHEAR® allows the engineer of record on any concrete structure to specify concrete coverage over Post Tension Tendons to meet building codes, even in tight beam and banded configurations.

In high corrosion environments, a 2" pocketformer is commonly used and the PocketSHEAR® will then provide 1" concrete cover over the end of the Tendon.

PocketSHEAR® Video

Consider the alternatives:

PocketSHEAR® Model PSH05-O alternatives Only the PocketSHEAR® Models PSH05-O and PSH06-O can assure you of adequate concrete cover, no heating of the Tendon or the Wedge set and a clean cut end for possible Lift-Off, if necessary. It also alleviates the need for a "fire watch" or Hot Work Permits.
Abrasive Saw Blades alternatives Typically these devices can get no more than 1/16" into the pocket, thereby affording little or no protection and certainly do not meet any building codes.
Oxyacetylene Cutting Torches alternatives These devices Heat the Tendon and possibly the wedges in the anchor if the cutting takes place deep in the pocket.
  alternatives Even if the correct cut length occurs, the Tendon has been heated and the ends are left jagged, impossible to grab for a "Lift-Off."
  alternatives Without any controls there is no assurance that there is much, if any, cover on the end of the Tendon.