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Standard Specification for cutting PC Strand Tendons after recording elongations

Cutting Tendons After Stressing:

  1. Do not cut tendons or cover pockets until elongation records are reviewed and accepted by the Engineer of Record or Architect.
  2. Clean tendons, anchorages and pockets of corrosion preventitive coating with non-corrosive solvent before removal of excess length of post-tensioning tendons.
  3. Each tendon shall be cold-sheared using the "PocketSHEAR®", available from PRECISION-HAYES at (972) 287-2390, or equal, within the pocket, allowing for no less than 3/4" of concrete cover over the end of each tendon.
  4. All tendon ends shall be left clean and free of burrs.
  5. All tendon ends shall be accessible for inspection prior to and during, cutting, placement of protective caps and/or grout.
  6. Oxyacetlyene torches SHALL NOT be used to cut tendons.
  7. Do not damage tendon, anchorage or concrete during removal of excess length of tendon.