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  • What is a PocketSHEAR®?
    A PocketSHEAR® is a "Specific-Use" device solely intended for cold-shearing PC Strand Tendons within the pocket after stressing operations are complete and approved.

  • How was it developed?
    As early as 1978 the inventor participated in the development of the first "Cold-Shear" PC Strand Fabrication Line. By 1990, a need was established for field cold-shearing and the PocketSHEAR® was developed. At that time the PocketSHEAR® was a "center-hole" device and difficult to use in many applications. By 1997, an "Open-Throat" version was in development and subsequently offered at the World of Concrete, Orlando, in January, 1998.

  • Why do I need one?
    The PocketSHEAR® accurately cuts PC Strand Tendons to meet building code requirements. Abrasive saws cannot reach into the pocket formed at the live end of a PC Strand Tendon and the use of cutting torches is both dangerous and inconsistent. Also, many crews are achieving around 600 - 800 cuts per day with one unit.

  • How does it work?
    The PocketSHEAR® is a hydraulic device designed with two cutting blades that act in a rotating fashion in order to cold-shear the PC Strand Tendon at a certain dimension within the pocket. The PocketSHEAR® does not push, pull or otherwise affect the strand except to cold-shear it.

  • What size strand will a PocketSHEAR® cut?
    The PocketSHEAR® comes in two sizes: 1/2" (Model # PSH05-O) and .6" (Model # PSH06-O)

  • We also offer a longer .5" - 45 Degree Nose Piece Kit for use with 45 Degree Pocket Formers.