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PocketSHEAR® Models PSH05-O & PSH06-O

  PSH05-O PSH06-O  
Strand Size Capacity 1/2" P C Strand .6" P C Strand ASTM A416, sheathing stripped back
Length (A) 22.60 in. 28.60 in. Hydraulic PocketShear drawing
Depth (B) 9.80 in. 10.70 in.
Height (C) 8.80 in. 10.20 in.
Nose Depth (D) 2.51 in. 3.02 in.
Clamp Depth (E) 3.50 in. 3.50 in.
Weight 27 lbs 35 lbs Does not include weight of hoses, etc.
Operating Pressure Range 2,000 to 2,700 psi. 2,700 to 3,000 psi. Varies with strand hardness
Blade Life Expectancy 2,000 to 2,500 cuts 2,000 to 2,500 cuts Varies with strand hardness
Cut Cycle Time, Manual 12 seconds cut
10 seconds return
14 seconds cut
12 seconds return
Varies with stressing gear pump model & condition
Cut Cycle Time, Auto 4.3 seconds cut
3.8 seconds return
6.1 seconds cut
5.6 seconds return
PocketPump® Model ZUPS-02085B

The PocketSHEAR® Model PSH05-O, is designed to be used with the same hydraulic pump that is commonly used for stressing. However, standard stressing pump valving requires manual operation of the PocketSHEAR® Model PSH05-O. A small, automatic, lightweight, low pressure, hydraulic pump called the PocketPump® is currently available for use with the PocketSHEAR® Model PSH05-O. The PocketPump® will attain ABOUT TWICE AS MANY cuts as a standard stressing pump and requires no calibration to work with the PocketSHEAR®.